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Sherbet Dip Dab

Buy This Sherbet Dip Dab Today At The Lowest Price From Sweet Shop!

Sherbet Dip Dab - An absolute classic if you grew up in Blighty in the 1970s and 80s! A sachet full of fluffy white zingy sherbet with that unmistakable red, juicy, strawberry flavour lolly stuck in the middle. I don`t know about you, but I could never resist bypassing the lolly and pouring a load of the fizzy sherbet into my mouth - how uncouth (but how delicious!). Seeing the packet, which has only been modified slightly (why DO they do that?), instantly takes me back. Oh the simple joys of a Dip Dab (many people also refer to them as sherbet dips or sherbet dib dabs - they taste just as good whatever you call them!). And don`t forget... if you want the one with the liquorice not the lolly then it`s Sherbet Fountains that you`re after... not Dip Dabs! Our Dip Dabs are the classic recipe with only natural colours and flavours. - Qty In Order: 5 packs

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Sherbet Dip Dab

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Latest Review Of The Sherbet Dip Dab

On average, most of our customers who made this purchase - rate the sherbet dip dab ... 5 out of 5 stars.
 Sherbet Dip Dab
Average rating: 5.0, based on 7 reviews.




Verified Order - Purchased On: Wednesday, 29th June 2022

Never any problems finding just what I want with Sweet Shop. With so many items to choose from and with the built in voice search it's just so easy.

Verified Order - Purchased On: Monday, 27th June 2022

I know from my last online ordering experience at Sweet Shop I know first hand that the products they sell are absolutely first class and really exceptionally high quality too.

Verified Order - Purchased On: Sunday, 26th June 2022

I could not believe it when I found out that this Sherbet Dip Dab just sold out elsewhere ... I mean I really had my heart set on this. Then I Sweet Shop and thankfully they still had some left in stock!

Verified Order - Purchased On: Friday, 24th June 2022

Lovely experience ordering online with Sweet Shop. I ordered this Sherbet Dip Dab from them and it arrived the next working day.

Verified Order - Purchased On: Thursday, 23rd June 2022

Placing my order online for this Sherbet Dip Dab was so easy, simple and hassle free - especially with the intelligent post code address look up feature.

Verified Order - Purchased On: Tuesday, 21st June 2022

So after my first experience with Sweet Shop I decided to order some more, and the selection of products they have on offer is second to none and the delivery is fast!
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This Product

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